Telegraph Clearing 2014

Mobile Application Design & Development

Tariff Street is becoming Human

On Friday 26 August, Tariff Street became Human.

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In 2014 we continued our collaboration with the Education team at Telegraph Media Group, to develop Clearing 2014 for iPhone, Android phones and a companion mobile optimised website.


To develop an app for students and parents to discover available courses throughout the Clearing process. This year's iteration of the app was focused on increasing downloads and engagement within the none search based areas of the app.

“This year's iteration of the app was focused on increasing downloads and engagement.”

Design Planning

We decided to concentrate our efforts on re-imagining the home screen of the app. Traditionally the Telegraph Clearing app has launched with a tile based dashboard. Our design team analysed previous user behaviour and created on a concept that would take the best aspects of a tiled approach, while also providing more contextual & time-relevant information. 

“Providing more contextual & time-relevant information.”


Following an iterative, agile approach we worked closely with the Education & Deployment teams at Telegraph Media Group to deliver a compelling app to a fixed deadline and fixed budget. In addition to the iOS & Android app, and mobile website, we also produced a statistical tool so our client could easily view and share usage stats (most popular searches by subject and institution).


Anticipating a steady growth in 2014 app over Telegraph Clearing 2013, we took the opportunity to upgrade the app infrastructure - laying the foundations for future year’s growth.


This application requires first-class support, both in terms of ensuring the app remains stable and visible throughout the critical period and in terms of supporting change requests as and when they come in from various stakeholders. Our team provided through-the-night support as we managed the increased traffic associated with reaching number 2 in the free iOS app chart and achieving over 100,000 downloads.